Workshops & awareness training

Every organisation needs to know how to perform everyday tasks on their HSM platform.

Where vendor capabilities training is not focused enough our workshops and awareness training can prevent you having to guess what you need to know.

Today’s standards such as PCI PIN and ISO27001 call for Security Awareness training.

It is important that those who have a role to play in securing the organisation’s assets are aware of their roles and responsibilities, have knowledge of the procedures related to their functions and are able to demonstrate use of the right procedures.

Annual security training enabling your team to demonstrably carry out documented procedures for all HSM key-administration is important to maintain desired levels of service management

Typically, two types of training make sense; firstly, product training, ensuring that a baseline awareness is established. Secondly, procedure execution, with sign off to demonstrate understanding through satisfactory delivery of a process under the right conditions.

The right training increases an organisation’s assurance of its service and secures the platform that enables the expected service to be provided. Departmental staff changes, and new service implementations mean that regular training is something that the business cannot simply ignore.

Your team will learn how to carry out the important procedures that you need to have in place to satisfy the requirements of the PCI PIN Control Objective 6 and good practice security surrounding HSM.

We provide:

  • Official Thales Certified pCSE® Training to satisfy the baseline usage of the PayShield 9000 HSM.
  • Thales authorised trainers to deliver the Thales approved material.
  • ID-3 security-awareness training to help you further deliver the assurance to meet Control Objective 6 through our specialist training programs and procedure execution workshops.