Document development

Procedures are relevant to every service.

The lack of the right procedures can prevent routine functions from being carried out efficiently or correctly and in some cases prevent transition to production.

Organisations typically expect documentation for every project, usually:

HSM Service Procedures
Run Book development
Implementation plan development
Crypto System Specification, low and high level design documents

In all enterprises formal design documents are key to explaining the architecture and the system’s intended use.

ID-3 can provide template documentation, processes, procedures and logs along with training to enable increased assurance for your system’s management.

  • Explain the details of the service
  • Support development of high and low level design documents
  • Interface with relevant stake holders and service providers to ensure the right information for the service requirement is obtained and detailed
  • Design and implement the relevant key and card separation, Safe Access Controls and Logs to support the right degree of assurance
  • Assist in the provision of time and cost estimates for a service requirement
  • Detail the relations between various modules and functions of the system
  • Provide the relevant information to ensure the stake holders understand the solutions architecture being proposed