Consulting Services

Knowledge and wisdom is an important part of any business service delivery.

Our expertise is on hand if you need supporting through any HSM related project.

Committed to excellence,

ID-3 provides professional independent advice to help your organisation achieve its security objectives.

Our consultants are Information Security experts with experience in service delivery in the Finance Sector focusing primarily on PCI PIN. ID-3 consultants compliment your strategic deliverable by providing the expertise to help you achieve security by design before you complete your project.

Our point of differentiation is that we provide a service to help implementation technical delivery, we also assist in achieving compliance at the same time.

ID-3 provides financial and general purpose cryptographic experts who conduct their activities with a strong focus on the Information Security Management requirements surrounding Hardware Security Module (HSM) Implementation.

Our services include:

  • Providing information to support projects
  • Technical deployment of systems and services associated with HSMs
  • Providing information to resolve technical issues
  • Assisting and leading the implementation of recommended solutions
  • Making assessments, identifying noncompliance and recommending corrective remediation
  • Aid in understanding the requirements for client API Integration
  • Delivery of the documentation required to enable compliance