payShield Manager

Thales payShield Manager offers best in class remote and local management for the payShield 10k and 9000 HSMs.

payShield Manager

Provides remote operation of HSMs through a standard browser interface. The solution utilises leverage of smart card security for access control to establish secure connections with HSMs.

payShield Manager enables enhanced device management across the estate allowing key management, security configuration, software and license updates to be carried out remotely.

payShield Manager provides the only secure way to enable operations staff to perform the full scope of HSM tasks without being physically present at the data centre.

Using a secure laptop and browser, identified and authorised staff members can reach the HSM using the secured remote access connection.

Using payShield Manager, your team can configure, commission and daily manage the HSM as well as perform only role authorised operations.

IT Technicians are also able to deliver a better service when investigating and troubleshooting technical difficulties that arise on the payment’s platform. Availability is a primary consideration in the management of HSMs and payShield Manager gives you the control needed to ensure any issue that may cause downtime can be identified and responded to with minimal 3rd party intervention and time.

Multiple HSMs across all sites can be managed securely using a browser from a single central location
Critical HSM status and diagnostic information is remotely accessible to network staff to quickly identify potential issues
The inconvenience and cost of travel to multiple data centers to manage HSMs is no longer necessary
Software and license upgrades are much easier to install using HTTPs via a single interface
Strong smartcard and secure reader-based access control is preferable to reliance on physical keys
Cryptographically secured tracking of HSM activities to individual card credentials provides stronger audit control

Why ID-3

Our experience with payShield Manager enables a pragmatic approach to the recommendation of security around the management of user credentials and tokens.

Separation in the storage of credentials with the right degree of access control is a critical part of the system security management. Failure to get this right leads to security and compliance risks further downstream.

For years, ID-3 has played a crucial role in helping organisations get this right, whether a first time setup or migration from 1st generation remote management.