Business applications everywhere are making

more use of the cloud


Launch new payment solutions faster

payShield Cloud HSM, an IaaS offering, is an alternative way for customers to fulfil their payment security needs, offering their organisations a more agile and faster rollout solution for payment security compared to the traditional on prem ownership model it shifts the risk of running a payment HSM infrastructure from the customer.

Multi-vendor solution to Cloud Payment Services

The overheads of maintaining an up to-date PCI certified capability to handle card transactions, combined with the erosion of processing fees, equating to rapidly depleting margins is a thing of the past.

A new HSM, upgrading or migrating?

ID-3 are able to provide expert, impartial and objective advice, guidance and quotes from the largest range of Cloud or on prem HSMs on the market.

Practical solution to service support

On-site or remote service support undertaken by ID-3, reducing the need for experienced staff to manage or maintain HSMs in mission critical and highly regulated environments.


Simplifies sharing of production HSMs across multiple applications, staff and regions

Future Proof

Offers access to the latest certified payShield hardware and software on demand

Cloud Agnostic

Works seamlessly with fast connections to all major public cloud providers (including Azure, AWS and GCP)

Cash Flow

Avoids up-front investment by offering a flexible, monthly subscription service to improve cash flow


Enables extra HSMs to be added quickly for resilience, backup or capacity

Why ID-3 Managed Services?

Skills required

Simplifies sharing of production HSMs across multiple applications, staff and regions

Services avaiable

Simplifies sharing of production HSMs across multiple applications, staff and regions

payShield Cloud HSM - Brochure

payShield Cloud HSM is a ‘bare metal’ hosted HSM service from Thales delivered using payShield 10K HSMs, providing the secure real-time, cryptographic processing capabilities required by payment workloads running in any of the major public clouds. The service addresses the needs of both existing users of payment HSMs and new payment entrants looking to leverage hardware-based security for the first time.

Top 10 Reasons for Using the Thales payShield Cloud HSM Service - Data Sheet

payShield Cloud HSM offers efficiency, flexibility and security benefits, with a full access dedicated to payShield 10k HSMs, with flexible subscription options.

International Bank ID-3 management service case study

An international bank upgraded its Wide Area Network (WAN) encryption solution to enable secure and instant access to customer data and payShield management from any of its 30+ locations on three continents.
The bank implemented Thales High Speed Encryptors, providing it with the high performance security needed to maintain compliance, ensure client privacy, and gain real-time access to sensitive services.