Streamline Key Management Across Multiple Cloud Services

Gain operational efficiency, compliance, and security by centrally managing multiple cloud provider encryption keys with CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager

CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager

For virtually every organization today, the adoption of multiple cloud services continues to expand—and so does the use of encryption. As the proliferation of encryption continues, so do the number of keys, and the potential risks. With the CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager, your organization can establish strong controls over encryption keys and policies for data encrypted by cloud services.

Solution Brief : the CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager for Multicloud Data Security


Use of multiple cloud services has become the new normal of corporate computing. Users are relying upon cloud-delivered applications and cloud-resident workloads for business-critical purposes, resulting in sensitive data being stored across multiple public cloud environments and on-premises, resulting in both multi- and hybrid clouds. As such, the same enterprise-class data security and compliance tools and processes employed to protect on-premises data to meet and maintain compliance with industry regulations must be applied to this hybrid- and multi-cloud reality.

While many cloud services now offer native and third-party encryption options, including bring your own key (BYOK),challenges remain, such as operationalising encryption key lifecycle management centrally, across multiple cloud services.

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Advanced Encryption Protects What Cloud Providers Will Not!

  • Thales partners with industry-leading Infrastructure-, Platform- and Software-as-a Service (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS) providers worldwide to support any multi-cloud strategy – public, private or hybrid.
  • The CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager offers life cycle encryption key management with FIPS 140-2 secure key storage for a growing range of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS providers.
Key control: Separate the Cloud Service Provider from your Key Management Security
FIPS 140-2 Assurance: NIST Certified Security Controls Applied to Key Management
Visibility for Compliance: Multi Cloud Single Pane of Glass Key Management enables demonstrable performance to satisfy regulatory requirements
Automated Key Rotation: Scheduled key rotation eases life-cycle management

The shared responsibility model is a well-accepted tool to help raise awareness that while cloud providers are responsible for the security of the cloud, cloud buyers are responsible for security of their data in the cloud.

You’re almost certainly responsible for the security of data on your premises and in the cloud. As your workloads migrate to multiple cloud providers, are you confident in the security of your data? Are you in compliance with internal and industry data protection mandates? Is your data protected in the event of a subpoena issued to your cloud provider? Can you move data quickly from one cloud provider to the next? Thales eSecurity cloud security solutions can help answer these multi-cloud security questions.

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