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ID-3 successfully renewed ISO 27001 and 9001 certifications

11 August 2022 ID-3, specialist hardware security module re-seller, risk management services and consultancy for payment service providers for a client base within the UK and Europe renews ISO 27001 and 9001 Certifications for its UK and European operations. Renewal of the ISO 27001 certification attests to our commitment to ensure information security and protection. […]

An Introduction to Zero-Knowledge and ZK SNARKS

16th December 2020 by Dr Mark Blunden @id-3 An Introduction to Zero-Knowledge and ZK SNARKSSuppose that you wish to prove to another party (who we will call the Verifier) that we know a secret password. What typically happens is that you tell the password to the Verifier, who checks it against a previously stored version […]

Are encryption keys more important than your data?

19th May 2020 by Brad Beutlich @nCipher Today, more than ever, protecting data and systems is extremely important – corporate reputations, and in turn their business, can depend on it. There are many layers to data security and, for companies who rightly don’t trust perimeter security, data encryption is the most important layer. Even at […]