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IoT security failures as product defect: the coming wave of strict liability

26th April 2019 by Robert Carolina Executive Director @Institute for Cyber Security Innovation, Senior Visiting Fellow, Information Security Group, Royal Holloway University of London   Victims of defective products are not required to demonstrate the “fault” of a product manufacturer. It’s enough to demonstrate the existence of a defect in the product that causes harm. […]

The spectre of poor HSM procedures

26th April 2019 by Elton Jones @ID-3   In this article, we briefly outline the challenges faced by regulated organisations that need procedural control over their HSM estate. It provides an insight into the level of awareness, lack of resources and expertise that pose significant challenges in production system adoption. The need for procedures Regulation […]

Cryptographic Key Management – the Risks and Mitigation

24th April 2019 by Guest Blogger Rob Stubbs @ Cryptomathic With the increasing dependence on cryptography to protect digital assets and communications, the ever-present vulnerabilities in modern computing systems, and the growing sophistication of cyber attacks, it has never been more important, nor more challenging, to keep your cryptographic keys safe and secure. A single […]

Bring Your Own Key: What Is It and What Are Its Benefits?

29th March 2019 by Elton Jones @ID-3 Ever since cloud computing first emerged, security has been a prime concern of end users. The idea of handing over control of IT systems to third party operators by running hosted applications and infrastructure on remote servers has always sat uncomfortably with a significant number of business owners […]