About ID-3

ID-3 has been working with vendors and partners to extend technology delivery to support customer service delivery throughout the MEASA region since 2010.


ID-3 is an Oxford based consultancy with 15 years of global industry experience working with mainly finance, legal and government departments.

We partner with vendors to help organisations and channel partners provide relevant HSM security services to their customer base.

Our consultants have the right industry knowledge and the relevant academic and professional qualifications to suit the requirements of the services we provide.

Many of today’s regulatory requirements mandate controls that can only be met through the application of cryptographic techniques and the provision of systems that are under the sole control of your organisation. The acquisition and implementation of new systems requires expertise in the implementation strategy. Specialist HSM knowledge is a prerequisite to enablement of the relevant service implementation.

ID-3 has been providing reliable consultancy and support services to businesses throughout MEASA region since 2010

with a hugely varied client base ranging from small FinTecs to High Street banks.

We have the breadth and depth of payment security and PCI PIN expertise to meet every aspect of your organisation’s HSM regulatory needs.


Security by design calls for an advanced understanding of the platforms that will often provide security services for and on behalf of the entire organisation, introducing risk that must be managed.

Our mantra

We strive to help you secure the big picture

Many HSM security projects get completed on time, spec and budget. However, many businesses assume that the project also considers the time and cost of the wider controls necessary to satisfy the regulatory requirements.

This is very important in security, rarely is compliance a question of technical control implementation alone. The compliance framework is the added detail that may differentiate service success from failure.

Manufacturers focus on delivering the technology but the service delivery requires more than just the deployment of the hardware.

ID-3 supports your implementation with well-defined processes to help your system meet its regulatory objectives.